Five actionable items presented to President Skorton, Dean Hubbell, and VP Opperman on October 22nd

The administration did not sign off on any of these initiatives in the meeting, however we received verbal affirmation on all five points and have agreed upon a timeline for each item. Details forthcoming. The most immediate result of the October 22nd meeting is that there will now be student representation on the IMT teams that are aimed at addressing the issue of sexual assault.


October 22, 2012

1      Goal of Meeting – Sign Statement and agree to timeline to establish priorities

2      Review Statement of Urgency with prioritized goals (see statement below)

3      Set next meeting


Statement of Urgency

The items below outline the priorities necessary to address the current campus climate that has allowed a string of both visible and invisible hate crimes to be perpetuated with no adequate response.  We desire the below priorities to be fulfilled in a timely manner. 

1.     Student positions of power on each of the Incident Management Teams. This student would act as a liaison, be included in all communication (agendas, notes, proposals) and participate in a weekly meeting with the team leader to provide student feedback. In this room, you will find at least five volunteers. We also request that IMT processes, notes, and decisions be made publicly available on an accessible website. This should happen IMMEDIATELY (as in Today, October 22, 2012).  ____________ (Initials)

2.   Assistant Dean of Masculinity, who would oversee a  paid, men’s peer education program on sexual violence among other programs centered around the construction of masculinity.  The assistant dean would function under and/or be closely linked with the Women’s Resource Center.  This program would also have strong connections with the LGBTRC, A3C, ALANA and their umbrella organizations, Ujamaa Residential College, Latino Living Center, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and the Multicultural Greek Letter Council.  We call for a job creation and hiring post by the end of the semester (December 2012). See this job posting from Dartmouth College for a similar job description: For more info on the Men’s Project at Dartmouth:  ___________ (Initials)

3.   Until the Assistant Dean of Masculinity starts at Cornell, we request a University-mandated workshop facilitated by a panel of professional educators of “diverse” backgrounds and experiences to discuss rape culture, rape, and sexual assault in a way that is inclusive of all genders and sexualities. The program should be cognizant of the fact that rape culture is perpetuated in more than just (cis)gender and hetero-normative relations. In conjunction with this programming we request that there be mandated programs directed to all male-identified organizations, such as fraternities and sports teams, facilitated by A Call to Men or Men Can Stop Rape ( We similarly request a University-mandated workshop facilitated by Consent-Ed or a similar professional organization for all female-identified organizations, such as sororities and sports teams. We, unfortunately, do not know the best way to tackle the issue of sexual assault so that it is both gender inclusive and specific. We would hope to work with administrators who have more experience in this subject matter.

___________ (Initials)  We request that all programming be highly publicized, mandated (e.g. for all residents of campus housing, as a prerequisite for attending Slope Day, etc.), and supported by the University. ___________ (Initials)

4. We insist on evaluating all relevant training programs, such as Respect@Cornell, and student services to determine whether they satisfy our concerns. We insist approval to anonymously engage in and to evaluate the sexual assault services currently offered for inclusivity, efficiency and fluidity. Additionally, once the work is completed to create a seamless, survivor-centered response, we demand approval by the administration to once again undergo the response system anonymously and provide constructive feedback. __________(Initials)

5. We will be working with faculty throughout the process of creating a 4-credit anti-oppression course and a social justice requirement. We request that you release a statement that publicly endorses the creation of a social justice  course or requirement by the end of this semester, December 1, 2012. _________ (Initials).  We request that you show public support for student-faculty efforts to a new social justice course and/or requirement. We have started a dialogue with interested faculty and they have demonstrated their support and willingness to assist our efforts in their statement in today’s Cornell Daily Sun. We look forward to a productive partnership with faculty and administration moving forward.


We, the signed parties below, agree to all the statements above and will work to facilitate accomplishment of them within a timely manner and with adherence to the timeline listed above.


President David Skorton


Vice President Susan Murphy


Vice President Mary Opperman


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